Certified Logopedist

mgrBernadeta Dziekan-Standowicz

President of Recovered from Stuttering Association


Contact details

Parkowa 3
tel./fax + 48 67 283 33 66
mobile: 502 329 573
e-mail: info@jakanie.net

"(...) Today, in retrospect, I can say EXCELLENT! AMAZING! My stuttering child isn't stuttering anymore! (...)"

Ewa Skowrońska
Dobrzejewice near Toruń
(16 years from therapy)

"Thanks to the therapy, I have been functioning like a normal person for then years now. It can be understood only by someone who went through that and you, of course, Mrs. Bernadeta."

And I can't thank you enough for the chance for my 8-year-old son. (...) Today Maciuś is a wonderful, happy boy, who completely forgot about stuttering.

Ewa Zając
Katowice (10 years from therapy)
(son 3 years from therapy)